Deep Creek Cove

Spent the weekend at Deep Creek, With friends, company for Luisa and I as well as the kids. My wollemi moment was on a walk to Deep Creek Cove, descending the gully there’s a moment when you get to see the rocks frame the creeks final turn before it opens its mouth to the gulf.
Usually I choose to cross the creek nearer to the sea, but this time, as the water was low, I hopped over the stepping stones and clambered my way around the warmed rock face. There’s a moment where, hands and feet engaged, the tannin stained creek is right below. Spent some time exploring the rocks around to the west looking for a way up but it quickly shut me out. Then over to the eastern side I charged up the steep steps, recalling how last time I was laden with heavy pack on our Heysen hike last July.
The final highlight of the walk was on our return to Trig. Whilst pausing on the ascent I grabbed the smooth part of the yucca plants tall stem to find that it was pulsing strongly, like it was emitting some unseen force. Likely it was the power of the gusting wind transferring from its prong into the roots and ground.
A final thought. Our site at Trig was the same that Tresh, Shane, Nigel, Finn, Pablo and myself stayed at nearly two years ago, and the time when we agreed that walking from Cape Jervis to Victor Harbour was an ambition we shared. Cross that off the bucket list.




One thought on “Deep Creek Cove

  1. first comment from me , tresh Hey Ewen ,how can so much wonder fit into these photographs? Also first occasion for me to post or comment on anything resembling social media , and stoked that its OURS ! so enjoy reading your brief compositions describing the walks with your self and with friends , family. I find it very warming mate. and also joins me to our fellow wollemi.

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