King Beach to Mt. Scrub Road. pt1

Just before 5, in fading light, I left King Beach and The Bluff behind me and headed uphill to Newland Conservation Park and the cliff-top track that would take me to my camp. As the sea-bashed cliffs fell below me the waves thumping gave way to stillness and the twitter of birds deciding on a place for the night. My place for the night was a clearing in the tangle-wood 3km along the track. After eating I lay in my bivvy below a canopy of gums and surveyed the ceiling of stars.
One year ago we had passed this spot en-route to Victor Harbour nearing the end of our four day hike. Since then I had often thought of returning. Achieving that was satisfying and with that feeling I drifted into sleep. Twelve hours later, stirred by morning light, I rose in time to catch the suns first glimpse of my secluded camp.
(In the photo, The Bluff is just left of the sun, West Island is to the right and King Head is the outstretched finger of land in the centre.)


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