King Beach to Mt. Scrub Rd pt2

Tresh arrived soon after the sun and whilst he brewed the billy I warmed the porridge and we set ourselves for the days walk ahead.
As we made our way the scrub opened up and the going was easy, as was the conversation. After a stunning view of the Waitpinga cliffs and on a discussion of exploring we decided to leave the trail and head, like crows, directly to Waitpinga Beach. Our passage here was rarely easy as we wove and scratched our way through splayed tree limbs and re-growth. (Had there been one, I’m sure a crow would have cawed at our struggle.) I have increasingly enjoyed the various struggles that going off-track presents. I get to see the landscape from rarely seen perspectives and the extra exertion to make a passage though, over, under or around heightens the physical engagement with nature’s topography. At a raised clearing in the scrub the view opened up across the coast to the Ballaparudda cliffs, and the place our route would head in-land.
Once on the beach we trudged in the too-soft sand past resolute fishermen to Parsons, dipping our boot-free-feet in the out flowing creek before resting for a welcome lunch. Our mornings efforts had been invigorating but we were still less than half-way.







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