Chookarloo loop

It’s been too long since I went on a walk of any substance and this one was neither long or in a place I had attributed much value to until I let the unexpected step over the obstacle of my prejudices.

We had slept the night at Chookarloo, Kuitpo Forest and a dawn cackle of kookaburras woke me. I left the swag, gathered Luna the dog and set off following one of the many boundary tracks throughout Kuitpo.

To my casual, passing gaze the orderly rows of pines seemed somehow monotonous until I noticed the spaces between them. In the darkening corridors needely fingers interlocked to close out the light creating an eerily still atmosphere.

I resisted their lure to enter and kept to the easy-going track that divided the orderly pines from irregular gums, pasture and grazing stock. It was then that I became aware of the grey-green light that seemed to soften the appearance of everything retaining a dreamy hue to a gradually waking landscape.

As I turned with the track I cut through an uncommon mixed wood of narrow eucalypts and pines and emerged from this to pause before what looked like a silent battlefield of fallen pines. Headstones of clumped native grass stood short above rotting trunk and branch which had softened into a spongy tangle that Luna and I nimbled over and around. Though in essence agriculture, I find it difficult not to attach emotive images of war and ravage to the remains of a plantation.

We continued whilst above, the eiderdown sky pulled back and the days defining blue light began sharpening the difference between things once again.

I found the wide green marshy track that led back to the campsite and the newly lit campfire upon which breakfast would soon be sizzling.

Luna the dog joined us two weeks ago. This was our first walk beyond the vineyards close to our home. She, like many dogs has a love of walking, of discovering what the land holds. For her it is smells, for me predominantly sights. We don’t exchange interests but we do share the moment.

For me, this walk reminded me again that I do not need to travel far nor seek out tracks of repute to find satisfaction in the simple act of walking, especially if your company is as easily satisfied.

(I don’t have any photos for this post)

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