The wollemi tree

After a demanding week the need to escape to wide open spaces was urgent and so Myself and Tresh went at sundown to his wollemi tree. With him was Martin his newly arrived woofer from the Land of the Danes. Having only arrived in Australia on Thursday our night out sitting around the fire and swagging close to the ground was a sort of welcome to country for Martin.

It was soon dark and so our attentions focused upon the fire and the cooking on it. And so the evening passed as I had hoped, hearty food, good conversation and the desired experience of feeling my axis re-align with the land and sky. The lone wollemi tree (so named for its vantage point to take in the landscape below and around it) was a silent presence in our midst, and at one point a trawler of stars, for in the wet leaves the fires light was caught, like a Milky Way of candlelights.

In the early morning rain pattered down on the canvas. I looked through the mist of moisture and fly-net at the hackle like grass and at the fading ember lights of Normanville and decided not to miss the morning by seeking more sleep. The rain paused politely as I got up, rising in time to lock gazes with the timid eyes of a lone deer. The day was off to a magical start.

Tresh and I pottered around the area whilst Martin slept on like a rock.
On our wanderings we came across the rammed earth cottage and idyllic damn that was most certainly the dwelling of Tom Bombadil. Perhaps he had chosen this area to live out his days away from the drama of Middle Earth.

Martin stirred to the smell of bacon and coffee and once fed we busied packing up our camp. Before leaving we explored the scrub below finding colonies of wildflowers, unidentified animal bones and a criss-cross of roo pads leading to and from a still dam.

Returning to the tree our final activity, binoculars in hand, was to locate Tresh’s property on the other side of the valley. A game that we reversed once at his place. There it was, only just visible, set apart from its kind our lone Wollemi tree, known to us and the eagles that soared above it.




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