Blow Hole Beach

On a warm blustery day we drove down to Deep Creek with swags and firewood lashed to the roof racks. Fire ban season was soon to start again and this weekend was one of the last opportunities to cook on and sit captivated by fire.
Our intended campground was Cobblers Hill in Deep Creek Conservation Park but the exposed natural scrub site was too windy to light a worry free fire so we drove down the steep track to Blow Hole Beach. A small bay clamped between dark incisor rocks and unfolding gully grasslands with views to KI. Here we would be unseen and alone.
The bone dry eucalypt wood sparked to life and soon we were cooking. Behind us the full moon crept above the hills, intermittently obscured by wind torn clouds until it broke free to silently howl its ancient lunacy above our small fire-centred world on this peaceful out-of-the-way beach.
A wash of incoming water announced the turning tide. We broke camp, left the embers to the sea and climbed the hill back to Cobblers. There we each lay in swags pegged to the hard ground, some sealed up tight like cocoons others open like torn nests. All night the hot tempered wind continued to rake the land of loose things itself chased by the more agreeable cooler change that would relive us later that day.
This was a truly element charged experience between the crackle and blow, the lap and light, the unforgiving and the calm.





One thought on “Blow Hole Beach

  1. Lovely pictures and stories. I can’t believe you found the red and white toadstool (mushroom?); I’ve never seen one before and had no idea they existed in Aus. I thought I’d have to go to a European forest to see one. Great idea to keep your experiences in this blog, so that you don’t lose the experience bit by bit. Some of these accounts could be a foundation for embellished and dramatised stories around the fire one day, in the company of great grandchildren, perhaps. 🙂
    Today would be a good day to be out there, provided there was a tent with a windbreak!
    – Birgitt

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