About me

I love getting out there!

I loved it as 6 year old when my dad encouraged me up a misty hill in North Wales with snacks and the idea that we had been chosen for a special reconnaissance mission to check out the way ahead.

I loved it all throughout my childhood summer holidays on the Isle of Anglesea, without worry exploring the rocks, coves and headland of that coastline.

I loved it in my mid twenties when hiking over the Grampian mountains of Scotland, in sun, wind, rain, snow, prooving myself with whatever it had to offer.

And today, getting to know intimately the landscape of South Australia’s Fleurieu Penninsula, it’s inland ranges, hilly coastline, deserted beaches, woods and forests, creeks and tucked away places.

Sometimes I walk alone but mostly it’s with our group of walkers, The Wollemis. We share a love for walking, talking, connecting and discovering the country where we live. We walk, kayak and/or camp in our wider area but have ventured into the Flinders Ranges, and the South West corner of Victoria and we’d love to go further afield.

I love getting out there for the beauty of the natural environment, for the fresh air, for the exposure to elements but most of all I love it because when I’m open to it I find that nature has got something to show me about who I am, about the interior me. I’ve come to love that too.

So that’s what this blog is. It’s about the landscapes I encounter, and about the me I find when I’m there.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Great blog, Ewan and great kilt. 🙂 I’m amazed you found an Amanita muscaria mushroom at Kuitpo — had no idea they existed in Aus. (And have wanted to see one for as long as I can remember.) Catch you walking somewhere; perhaps even at the WWS!

    • You impress me with your fungi knowledge. I know that I liked how it looked and wanted a photo, thats my limit. Thanks for the compliment. I’d really like the blog to gain some more traction, to get more people reading it and generate some post blog chatter, but most of all continue to capture my experiences as honestly and engagingly as I can. Feel free to share it. Cya.

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